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Nepal needs young people entering the jobs market with the right skills that employers need to grow their businesses and for the country to prosper. Dakchyata is a skills development programme, bringing together government, employers, and the technical and vocational training professionals, across the agriculture, construction and tourism industries to develop a more responsive TVET system and create greater opportunities for public investment to go further.

Creating Skills for Nepal’s Growth and Development – Introducing Dakchyata’s support to TVET


The three-minute doodle animation highlights the work of the Dakchyata Project, effectively articulating its core values, mission, vision, key strategies and interventions areas. It provides a summary of Dakchyata’s key activities and outcomes thus far, emphasising on the importance of private sector collaboration in TVET.

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Skilling of Returnee Migrant Workers Grant Launch Event - celebration of launch of three new patnership with UNDP, ILO and IOM 

At a function on held on 23 March 2022 #Dakchyata project funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council in Nepal launched the partnership project with United Nations Development Programme, International Labour Organisation Nepal and International Organisation for Migration to support the skilling, reskilling & upskilling of returning migrant workers affected by the pandemic.

‘’Such partnership is important when the situation for migrant workers is changing rapidly. Thanks to #Dakchyata & all the partners for joining hands in improving the employment opportunity in Nepal for returnee migrant workers’’ - Dr Kamal Pokhrel, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Dr Marco Gemmer, Head of Cooperation, European Union Delegation to Nepal - '’We need to walk together with the Govt. of Nepal leading the way. With the pandemic, the returnee migrants have increased & Europen Union in Nepal is ready to walk with the Govt. to find #SustainableSolution for the returnee migrants in Nepal'’.

‘’We are looking forward to this collaborative work with the UN Agencies to address skills related challenges of returnee migrants due to the pandemic. I am sure this union will help the young people of Nepal connect with better employment opportunities’’, shares Shahida MacDougall, Country Director British Council Nepal

More on the partnership: Click here

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