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Goodbye message from the Team Leader John Mountford 

"As we head towards closure, I wanted to send all our wonderful stakeholders a thank you from the Dakchyata team. Our partners in government, private sector, development, schools, and media, have all played a crucial role in the shaping and delivery of our activities. This has included our support to MoEST’s development of a 10-year TSRP and the delivery of grant funded programmes working with CTEVT through SEECS, five employer associations in ELMS, UN agencies in our returning migrant worker programme, and 10 innovative PPP pilots, all of which have supported the development of impactful TVET sector public private partnership models. Dakchyata has been built on partnerships and the project couldn’t have been delivered without our stakeholders. I’d like to wish you all the very best for your future endeavours as you continue to drive Nepal’s TVET sector forward in its crucial role promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth."



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