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Improved governance and coordination of the diverse range of voices within Nepal’s TVET sector means a more effective and unified approach to strengthening employment outcomes.

Greater dialogue

Through Dakchyata’s support, there is greater dialogue between MoEST and its agencies and employers and their representative bodies. A working group, with equal representation of Nepal’s public and private sectors and set up in 2018, provides a forum for a diverse range of organisations in the TVET sector to share thinking and generate solutions. As a result, a clearer, joined—up vision for the role of TVET in Nepal’s growth and development is emerging.

Governance guidance

The learnings from the grant projects will feed into the guiding document for TVET PPP approaches, which will make recommendations for improving employment outcomes through TVET skills development. Dakchyata is also conducting an annual review to monitor progress in the TVET sector and to identify areas for the sector’s future attention.

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