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Greater understanding and visibility of TVET will help the sector to fulfil its potential as a viable career option for young people and a critical element of Nepal’s future prosperity.

Changing perceptions

Outdated perceptions of what TVET is and the opportunities a TVET qualification brings undermines existing attitudes towards TVET. Dakchyata, in close collaboration with CTEVT, launched a joint public information campaign in 2020 designed to challenge these outdated views. We are working with schools, communities and employers to increase the visibility of TVET programmes and their benefits amongst young people, their parents and the wider public.

Collaborative campaigning

The collaborative nature of the campaign is helping to build relationships between TVET institutions and employers, providing advice and guidance on possible career pathways to young people and their families. Over 4000 visitors participated across four events that included 1600 secondary school students. Feedback from the launch events showed that 59% of school students found the events useful, 56% of school students said they received the necessary information, 59% of school students said they will enrol in a TVET course, 39% of school students would attend a TVET awareness session. Post-event coverage included print media (80%), video (14%) and audio (6%).

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