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Project: Enhancing partnership-based demand led technical skills.


Objective: Train young people on new areas of agriculture through a field-based apprenticeship model to create employment and income generating opportunities.


Sectors: Construction and Agriculture


The Enhancing partnership based-demand led technical skills project, implemented by UCEP (Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs) Nepal, aims to pilot a new partnership model with private sector employers for improving quality, relevance and access of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programmes in Nepal and also to enhance employability and income generation in agriculture and construction sectors through demand driven, market oriented and practical public private partnership based TVET programmes. 


The project plans to carry out training activities in total of 11 Municipalities of two districts Bajhang and Bardiya. The programme will give young people in job ready skills through a combination of hands-on experience of improved farming techniques, improved construction techniques and instruction from CTVET/Ministry of Agriculture Development curricula.


At a strategic level, the programme not only seeks to directly transform the employment potential of a cohort of rural young people, but also to identify gaps in current CTVET skills training for the commercial agri and construction sector and strengthen partnerships between the relevant associations, private sector companies and training providers.



-       “Coaching on Sustainable Operational Guidelines with experts Green Growth has helped us to develop our commitment towards a green economy.” Sangam Chalise, Project Manager


-       “Collaboration with the private sector, especially local employers, is crucial. Our trainees will be linked to local employers, and it will be easier for them to search job opportunities.    Similarly, local employers will also be able to find suitable semi-skilled human resources for their work.” Sangam Chalise, Project Manager


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