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Project: Skills for Agro-Enterprise Project


Objective: Upgrading farmers’ agro-enterprise knowledge and skills in off-season vegetable farming, dairy products, and poultry.


Sector: Agriculture


The Skills for Agro Enterprise Project will build the entrepreneurial and business abilities of young people working in farming in Mahotari, Rautahat, Sarlahi and Dhanusha districts. It will use the CTEVT system to build skills in three key areas: production of off-season vegetables (riverbed vegetables), poultry and Village Animal Health Work (VAHW). 300 young people will complete skills training and receive special training in financial literacy.


Further support will be delivered through an entrepreneurship and business planning course for young entrepreneurs seeking to access outer markets so the can sell their produce.



“The Market Information Sharing Forum (MISF) meeting was held with active participation from the private sector and relevant stakeholders. The MISF supported members to provide skills needed for sustainable employment in the agriculture sector and discussion was made on implementing training.” Nickesh Kumar Shah, Team Leader

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