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Project: Hamro Krishi Karyakram

Sector: Agriculture

Objective: Enhancing rural young people’s commercial farming techniques and employability.

The Hamro Krishi Karyakram project, implemented by Hamro Krishi Sahakari Sanstha Limited (HKSSL), is piloting a new partnership model with private sector employers, designed to improve the employability of young people in four rural municipalities, preparing them for work in commercial agriculture.


The programme will give young people in Sarlahi and Mahotari job-ready skills through a combination of hands-on experience of improved farming techniques and instruction from CTEVT/Ministry of Agriculture Development curricula. A key focus will be preparing young participants with the skills they need to adapt to market demand and seasonal fluctuations in the vegetable, dairy and poultry sectors.


At a strategic level, the programme not only seeks to directly transform the employment potential of rural young people, but also to identify gaps in current skills training for the commercial agri-sector and strengthen partnerships between the farming co-operatives and associations, private sector companies and training providers.



-       “A key objective of the project is to develop linkages of trainees with financial institutions such as bank, cooperative and companies to access banking services. As a result, 148 (49%) trainees have opened new accounts in the financial institutions and a further 78 (26%) trainees who are planning to open an account.”  Tilak Bahadur Khadka, Chairperson


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