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Project: Skill Development for Quality Tea Production


Objective: Enhance the technical skills of tea farmers, cooperatives, and processing factories on tea cultivation, management, and processing for increased productivity of the tea sector in Nepal


Sector: Agriculture


The main purpose of the Skill Development for Quality Tea Production project is to generate better self/employment opportunities and increase productivity of tea through providing skill training and skill certification to the tea farmers, tea factory owners and workers, farmers living in and around the tea cultivation areas, and tea cooperative members. This project not only benefits the training participants, but also the demand and supply actors in tea sector including employers and tea farmers. The lesson learnt from this project and utilizing the fund of the tea industries and local governments, such training projects could also be replicated in other areas as per need.


The primary beneficiaries from the project activities include tea farmers, tea cultivation and harvesting workers, tea cooperative members, tea processing factories (small, medium and big) and tea processing workers/technician including women, Dalits, and other marginalized groups.



-       “Life skill training provides extra encouragement and enhances motivation to the trainees. When training on life skill is given during long-term training like Assistant Tea Technician Training; trainees can build their capacity and cope the complexities they face.” Rabin Rai, Team Leader


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